What We Do

We are creating a tech-enabled ecosystem to help content creators create, manage, distribute and monetize video content on mobile devices.

Content creation, management and distribution is made super-easy with our cutting-edge technology platform VUHU.

One App. Multiple channels. Multiples genres.

WAP portal and app for users to watch and download content.


India’s first filmy Mobile video magazine

Great visuals. Great storytelling.

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India’s first short-moviesplatform on mobile

Multiple genres - comedy, action, documentary and more.

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India’s first mobile compatible comics platform

We are digitizing India’s rich library of comics.

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India’s first regional movieschannel over mobile

Multiple genres - comedy, action, documentary and more.

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VUHU – our proprietary technology platform for video content creators / owners to create, manage, distribute and monetize content Designed for mobile-first video content

Features of VUHU

  • Most advanced video content management system – designed for mobile-ready content
  • Easy synergy with existing work flows ensure ease of adoption and use
  • Powerful content management - makes video ingestion, publishing, and syndication easy
  • Content staging and approval process management
  • Digital Rights Management tools
  • Data driven content recommendations
  • Video monetization tools that support subscriptions, pay per view and video-advertising based models.
  • Video Analytics providing insight into content performance and viewer behavior, thus enabling informed decision-making based on real data
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